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About Nx

nx logo Network Optix (Nx) is a software company focused on one thing: IP video. Since the first product was sold in 2013 Network Optix has enabled the management of millions of IP video cameras in 130 countries and 6 continents with software that is instantly usable, open and extensible, and powerfully simple to use. nx vms logo Nx Witness VMS is a Powered-by-Nx Video Management System developed and targeted at the security surveillance and production monitoring industries. Nx Witness VMS also includes a suite of developer tools that allows system integrators to create customer-tailored IP video management solutions capable of integrating any nx meta logo
3rd party device or system. Nx Meta VMP is an open, extensible Video Management Platform used to build Powered-by-Nx IP video products for target niche or geographic markets. With Nx Meta companies can integrate their hardware or software with every Powered-by-Nx product on the market today, or even create their own intelligent video-powered application.

IP Surveillance.Made Simple.

Nx Witness VMS is an open IP video management system(IPVMS) designed to find, view, record, and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate quickly with 3rd party systems and devices.

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Nx Witness Plan

Nx Witness professional


  • Nx Witness -Starter package is best idea to star to use VMS
  • 08 Channel license
  • Unlimited Live Streams
  • Full Functionality
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Nx Cloud Systems

Nx Witness


  • Nx Witness -Encoder package is suitable to use with DVR/NVR
  • 04 Channel licenses
  • Unlimited Live Streams
  • Full Functionality
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Nx Cloud Systems

Nx Features

  • Nx is easy to use.
  • Nx smart failover. Security is important. Failover is necessary.
  • Nx smart search. No fast forward anymore. The fastest motion search.
  • Nx cloud. No static IP or DDNS anymore.
  • Best cost/performance. The lowest cost for failover system in the world. Starter Pack and Encoder License can be helpful.
  • 3rd party solutions. Access control system, barcode solution, AI solution, Face recognition solution.
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